Thursday, 25 March 2010

New Youth Programs

We are very happy to have started several youth programs here at the project, working for Challenge and Support, a largely preventive, early interventions pilot project supporting young people involved in recorded anti-social behaviour and/or low level offending. The focus is to positively affect young peoples' behaviour, attitudes and levels of engagement.

We are currently running comprehensive 6-week courses for five young lads, covering most aspects of bike-building and maintenance, at the end of which they will get to take away a bike that they have put together themselves. The lads have already been responding well to the workshop environment and have been enjoying getting their hands dirty taking several broken bikes apart in order to learn how to build a bike from scratch. We are keen to continue with these youth programs - if you would like further info, please get in touch!

Friday, 12 March 2010

chopshop #1

outside of our weekly wednesday and thursday workshops we had our first 'chopshop' today with our good pals spoke n'chain and managed to warp n weld our way through some redundant frames and to build some fantastic tall bikes.....expect to see them at this year's cycling carnival in september and zipping around bristol soon!