Thursday, 30 April 2009

What a difference a bicycle makes!

There are many ways in which having a bicycle helps Refugees & Asylum-seekers living in Bristol.

'Yad' originally from Ethiopia, currently lives on the outskirts of Bristol. Prior to having a bike he used to have to walk for one hour to get from where he lives to the college in the city centre where he is learning English and to visit the Refugee Welcome Centre in easton.

"I can now also visit friends that live in different parts of the city and stay in touch with people that i would not otherwise see if i didn't have a bike".

"Life is much easier now i have a bike", says Yafiet from Eritrea. "I can get into and around the city centre and it is a great form of exercise and helps me to stay fit. It stops me from ever getting bored and gives me a very positive state of mind".

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