Saturday, 18 July 2009

New Website

Please take a look at our new website here:

We will continue to update this blog with latest news about the project.


  1. Very pretty; pity it's 100% Flash for no Earthly use or benefit - Flash has its place where it provides facilities impractical or impossible to implement in simple HTML web pages, but IMO it's not the right tool for writing a general web site.

    It would be possible, nay: easy, to create a site that would look pretty much indistinguishable to what you now have, but would be far better indexed by search engines (notwithstanding the attempts that have been made to make your pages searchable), have content that would scale according to screen and browser window sizes, be instantly updatable by yourselves from anywhere, and (most important) be accessible to screen readers, translation and other outreach tools that nobody has even thought of yet. Oh, and using Flash means that people with iPhones can't read your site at all!

    [ disclosure: I'm half of a local web development company, but this is written in a personal capacity, and as a local cyclist ]

  2. this is a no brainer. Why flash? (And I'm a Flash developer)

  3. nice site but a simple xhtml site would be much better. all the cool kids with iphones cant even see your site.

    You might want to look at which sounds like a similar scheme to yours. strength in numbers innit.

  4. hi guys,
    thanks for your feedback regarding the website.
    the simple answer to this is that a good friend of ours offered to build us a website free of charge because we are a volunatary organisation and he is used to building websites in flash. he agrees that it could be built using html and the site will hopefully change to this format soon.