Monday, 11 January 2010

Social Tandems - kids' bikes wanted!

a social tandem bike!

Our good buddies at Spoke'n'Chain are in the process of building social tandems for schools in Bristol, to be used as working vehicles to encourage bicycle use and to enable the schools to take part in this year's Cycling Carnival, coming to Bristol in September 2010. They use recycled bicycles to build these and are looking in particular for medium sized girls' bikes.

They are also beginning to build bicycle-based fairground rides and are generally interested in reusing kids bikes. We are currently not using a great deal of kids' bikes here at The Bristol Bike Project and would encourage you to get in contact with Sylvie if you have any unwanted kids' bikes and would like to donate them. Please either call or email Sylvie on 07961 225053 or


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