Sunday, 14 February 2010

The Bristol Bike Project T-Shirt

We have just received some of these wonderful t-shirts inspired by the project, designed by Nick Hand.

Nick commented, "I was asked by my mates at the howies shop in Bristol to design a T shirt for the Better by Bike project. A few other designers and illustrators were asked as well. My preference was to help a really good, specific project and maybe funnel some cash from the Ts that way too. I took my camera down to the project and spent an hour or so just photographing bike bits - it seemed to make sense to do something which summed up the project visually. Every now and then you come across great people doing great things, and your instinct is to get involved. The Bristol Bike Project is just that".

These T-shirts are on sale now at the Howies store in bristol. A percentage of every t-shirt sold will be donated to the project to help us keep doing what we do...


  1. Howies didn't think they would be gettng them until April - remind us then!

  2. and where can i get them now?
    at howies they're run out.