Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Supporting Foodcycle

The food distribution system has changed dramatically in the last several decades. As the economy moves from small local retailers to large supermarkets it is an inevitable consequence that food waste is generated and it is now estimated that food retailers waste 500,000 tonnes of food each year in the UK with a similar amount generated from the private catering sector.

FoodCycle's main goal is to fight food poverty using this surplus food and to feed people suffering from poor nutrition and malnourishment. FoodCycle is different because young volunteers from many backgrounds lead each project and their programmes use food to reconnect young adults with their local communites; social cohesion is formed amongst them and disadvantaged and underprivileged people as they directly help improve the communities that they live in.

Louis (pictured), a volunteer at Foodcycle, has also been lending a hand at the bike project for a while now and 2 weeks ago refurbished a donated bicycle to be used by Foodcycle in Bristol for transporting meals with the use of a bike trailer.

For more information about the Foodworks project and how to get involved please take a look at their website:


  1. Your linked website is in Japanese >.<

  2. Yes, it really is in Japanese.